14 June 2016

5 DIY Crafts - Summer Crafts

5 DIY Crafts - Summer Crafts

Summer time is a time of fun and exploration and spending time in the outdoors! Many a times we worry about our children when they travel and if they will get bored! Should we be bringing their toys! But there's tonnes of fun and inspiration to be had on the go.

Here are five favorite crafts that can be made on the go!


This whimsical floral crown from The House that Lars Built is gorgeous and simple and links up to a few ways to make floral crowns. My favorite is the one that needs a snippy pair of scissors and flowers. That's it!! Send the kiddies to pick up flowers along the way and link it into a floral crown! Might have to add that to our to-do list this summer!



Turn leaves into little art pieces!! The world is your oyster... pebbles, shells, twigs would also work! Then peg them up into a garland that would make a great gift for someone or a cute reminder of your summer! And if you're particularly adverse to painting and the possible mess it brings... even this garland from Martha Stewart?is super cute!


We've been bookmarking these adorable Nature dolls from Mer Mag! All you need is a pieces of paper, a pen/pencil (to sketch) and some child-like inspiration to make dresses, and capes and beautiful petal filled backdrops!

1 Cardboard cactus construction set

Never too late to jump on the cactus craze bandwagon! Here's a DIY Cardboard Cactus tutorial from Pink Stripey Socks to show you how!


{from pimpelwit}

How about a playroom update inspired by one of the sticks your kid insists on lugging home? All you need is a few craft box, and some toys lying around!! Little animals, Lego figurines or small plush toys would work too!!

Hope you get your hands a little dirty and tag us at #lepetitsociety if you make any of these gorgeous crafts!