13 October 2016

Because We Care - Organic Pyjamas Collection

Because We Care - Organic Pyjamas Collection

Le Petit Society has taken time to create what matters organic pyjamas that your child can sleep safely in. We know how important it is that your little one wears safe, comfortable PJs with the long hours he or she spends in them, and our GOTS-certified line will give you that piece of mind. You will not have to fret over the toxicity and quality of the PJs your child is sleeping in, as our Party Animal pyjamas are specially designed to be both safe and functional for a good night?s sleep.


{Gentleman Bear Organic Pyjamas Set - Available 1 Y - 7 Y}

Besides safety, our GOTS-certified organic PJs also ensures better living standards for our production workers within the production chain, as well as the environments that they live in.

What is GOTS??

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, which is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. Its International Working Group comprises reputed member organizations, from countries such as the US, Germany, UK and Japan, and other international stakeholder organizations and experts. With their respective expertise in organic farming and textile processing, they define internationally recognized standards to ensure responsible modes of production throughout the global commodity chain.

Companies participating in the GOTS certification scheme must adhere to a set of standard criteria introduced by the GOTS International Working Group, as well as be certified by internationally and independently accredited certifiers that are not associated to GOTS. This is to ensure a high level of integrity in all GOTS-certified products.


{Magician Elephant Organic Pyjamas Set - Available 1 Y - 7 Y}

What Does Organic Really Mean?

Unlike other labels, Le Petit Society adheres to the GOTS-certified labelling for our organic PJs collection. Under the strict standards of the GOTS labelling scheme, only garments comprising of 95% or more certified organic fibres and 5% or less non-organic or synthetic fibres can be labelled organic. Therefore, we really mean it when we say that our PJs are 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Pyjamas.

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{DJ Fox Organic Pyjamas Set - Available 1 Y - 7 Y}

In our next blog post, we will also share with you a bit more on the difference between GOTS organic cotton versus normal cotton. It will help clear up some of your misconceptions.


{Celebrity Monkey Organic Pyjamas Set - Size 1 Y - 7 Y}

And... we will also reveal the baby pieces in this collection! You're not going to want to miss out on the cuteness!