10 February 2020

Brands We Love : Delieb

Brands We Love : Delieb

Keep your peepers bright for our new Brand We Love - Delieb, a children sunnies brand from Japan. Delieb doesn't sacrifice style for practicality with their simple but fun designs. With a focus to maintain good eye health in children and reduce ultraviolet rays, Delieb is marked by unique Japanese product design, superior quality and vivid bursts of colour. 

{Comoe Sunnies in Mint Blue}

Get your bubs ready for sunny days ahead! Comoe series is designed for delicate baby eyes. The frame is softer, curved to conform and gently wrap across a baby's face. Designed in Japan for fit and comfort on Asian frames, the impact-resistant lenses also offer 100% UV protection. Suitable for ages 0 - 3 years.

{Fraser Sunnies in White & Red}

Let them enjoy Vitamin D longer without worrying for their eyes! Fraser is slightly smaller than Uluru frames. Created with vivid colours, this white and red Wellington-styled frame reminds us of Formula One race drivers. We love that all Delieb sunnies are made of TPEE, which has both the characteristics of rubber and plastic with excellent flexibility. Because it is soft, it absorbs shocks and protects your face and eyes even if you fall making a great playtime companionn. 

{Nahanni Sunnies in Navy}

Nahanni is designed with rounded lens promises fuss-free fun. With the 100% UV protection, this navy, classic Boston-styled frame carries retrospective accents and is comfortable to wear. A perfect design for fashionable kids from ages 3 to 12. Also available in White and Pink

{Uluru Sunnies in Black & White}

Ever had a child try to run away wearing your sunnies? Get them their own pair of sunglasses!! Uluru is the largest sized frame in Delieb's range. This black and white, classic Wellington-styled frame is stylish for both boys and girls and comes with smoke grey lenses.  

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