25 June 2018

Brands We Love - Magna Tiles

Brands We Love - Magna Tiles

Whenever we are out, we like to bring a little activity grab bag for our kids. Something to play on the go, after meal-time or when they need some quiet time. Our criteria for these grab bags are easy!! Something that packs light, nothing messy and preferbly nothing with noise!

{Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32 Piece Set}

We have found that Magna-Tiles are the perfect fit for these toys. 

Firstly, they pack down in a compact way! Once you open this box, you can repack them in ziplock / draw string bags. And the options are endless! You can make fortresses with a whole set of 32 and fun shapes with as little as 4 pieces! 

Secondly, they are very hardy! They can be picked up multiple times, ran under the tap if they get grubby and still works each time! We especially love this Magna-Tiles Ice 32 Piece Set

And thirdly, like their slogan suggests, they are really where math, science and creativity meets. We love using them to teach our toddler about shapes and the same toy to talk to our preschooler about 2D vs 3D. Even popular with adults! The Magna-tiles were invented to teach children about shapes through play. Each tile has magnets along it's edges. The secret is the unique ability to attract even when the tiles are flipped.

We also recommend throwing in the Magna-Tiles 2 Piece expansion pack! And you can have a little race with your kids for the most aerodynamic structures! Good fun for everyone!

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