18 June 2021

Father's Day Feature : Dawn & Jaz for Le Petit Society

Father's Day Feature : Dawn & Jaz for Le Petit Society

You've previously met Dawn, Jaz, David and Daniel though our Organic Pyjamas shoot. A beautiful family living a life less travelled. Daniel is a child with Down Syndrome that, despite his diagnosis, is an individual with a sweet, gentle and at times fierce personality. They lead by example that the lives of kids with Down Syndrome are no less worth than those of neurotypical kids.

From Dawn :

Jaz and I went to the same church, and we were in the same fellowship ministry for some time, but never had the opportunity to interact much with each other. I was also serving in my church's drama ministry and was involved in a Christmas production. Jaz was volunteering as a backstage helper. That's when we got to know each other better and eventually started dating. I love children, and used to be a Sunday School teacher in my former church. I grew up in a family of 3 siblings so I definitely have a preference for big families..

As a Papa, Jaz is 100% hands-on and engaged with them. He is more patient and so much better at playing with the boys! He also draws firm boundaries and whenever their behavior is out of line, he is swift to correct them.


From Jaz :

Being a father, my biggest challenge is having sufficient time to spend with my boys and that they are brought up well and have a strong identity of who they are as individuals and as future men.

The best moments are - David's first time using a utensil and it turns out that he's left-handed, like my grandad, whom I was very fond of.

Daniel being able to walk before he was 2 years old, which is remarkable for a child with his condition. And him laughing with full joy as it happened.

How has raising Daniel been different from David? I don't see them through the lens of labels, nor have I placed expectations on them. Each of them brings a different kind of joy. The difference is that we celebrate smaller wins for Daniel, such as his ability to hit milestones. By giving him a longer timeframe for growth and not placing expectations, we let him thrive at his own pace. Whereas with David, we celebrate the bigger things.

Some advice for people going through a tough parenting year?

Self-care is very important because if we are unwell, how are we going to take care of our children? Therefore no matter how stressful work / home is, do take some time off to do something that you enjoy. Don't be afraid to ask for help - no man is an island and as cliche as it sounds, it really does take a village to raise a child!

A love note from Jean to Jaz :

Dear hubby Jaz, you are a superhero to me and the boys, I don't thank you enough and here is a big THANK YOU for always putting the needs of the family above yours, for being the ever-present father, ever-ready to step in so that I can take a break. Our parenting journey is one that's less travelled, filled with many ups and downs, but our every experience reaffirms that I married the right man and I cannot imagine a day without you! xoxo, Dawn


Thank you for sharing this beautiful life of yours, Jaz and Dawn. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with your family. 

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