18 June 2021

Father's Day Feature - Jean & Jake for Le Petit Society

Father's Day Feature - Jean & Jake for Le Petit Society

We have selected a few families to share their stories and celebrate all dads this Father's Day. Here's Jean, Jake and Summer sharing their tale of beauty, grit and deep deep love.

From Jean : 7 years ago, an exciting and adventurous journey to New Zealand turned into a nightmare. In split seconds, I turned from an outgoing person to one who relies on a wheelchair for life. 

Losing all control from chest down, from balancing to toileting, dressing to mobility... these little things became my major concern. Despite getting back on track, I started to think about my future, my career and about having my own family. The despair in the eyes from others made me lose hope in love. Till I met Jake...  In his eyes, he never looked at me differently. I was his “normal”. When we were out exploring, I required assistance in toileting or extra time finding an accessible route but Jake never thought of me as a nuisance.

He tried his best to make me feel that my disability will never be an issue between us. After 8 months, he got down on his knees and proposed. That was when I knew that these are the hands that will be holding mine for the rest of my life. 

From Jake: When Summer was born, all I wished to do was to protect her. Summer has given me motivation to strive harder and push for progression. So I can provide a better life and future ahead for her. 

A love note from Jean to Jake : 

Summer's smile is proof that you are the best dad. You have worked so hard for our family and our love is growing stronger every day. As a father, you have given our daughter the best and always the best. As my husband, you love me no less than our daughter. 

You have always said "You are perfect to me" and there's nothing that you would want me to change. But actually… YOU are the PERFECT ONE. I am glad that you are the one who will accompany me for the rest of my life. 

Papa, Happy Father’s Day! xoxo, Summer.

Darling, Happy Father’s Day! xoxo, your love.

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Thank you for the inspiration, Jean and Jake. We are so inspired by your story and can't wait to see your little family grow. 


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