23 January 2015

Our Favorites from Le Petit Society Past Collections

Our Favorites from Le Petit Society Past Collections

As we are approaching Le Petit Society?s second birthday and preparing for the launch of our new collection, we looked back and reminisce some of our favorites from our past collections! Our Blog Editor, Zhing shares what are her personal favorites for her little boy, Blake!



One - This 4 - piece Loungewear set is one of our staples in Blake's wardrobe. I don't know how to tell you this in a less shocking manner... but, he still wears them! They were sized 12 months, fit him like a charm back when he was 9 months old and has grown with him. He still reaches for it a lot even now that he's two!!?I think it's speaks a lot about the comfort of the outfit. Also nostalgic looking at these pictures because its that photoshoot that put me in touch with Le Petit Society and landed me this job!!


Two - As a rambunctious little boy, we are always out and about running from one fun thing to another! This stripey collection of shirts are the perfect play time attire! Its comfy and turns out great in pictures. and yes... its from the girls' collection! He's got almost all of them and we're repurchase a bigger size each time he grows out of them. They dry super fast and keeps it's shape for-like-ever!! We are inspired to have more pieces that are timelessly classic.


Three - Oh! The pressure of only choosing three favorites!! I really wanted to talk about the Whimsical Safari collection that is gorgeously soft and comfy. And is a great conversation starter... But I feel like this spot belongs to my big kid - Daniel. To anyone that knows him, he is a black, grey and white kinda guy. So it took a while to convince him to wear this green tee.. with a PRINT!! But since then, this is by far one of the most worn pieces in his wardrobe. I see it in the laundry so often its not funny! The cut fits him beautifully?(he's lean but tall) and he loves the fabric. I worry a little for him because when this line is discontinued, he's going to not have a go-to tee!! unless he starts wearing yellow, that is!!


Hope our clothes make it to your favorites too!! Let us know if you have any favorites! We'd really appreciate the feedback!! Have a lovely weekend and stay tuned for the new collection!