28 May 2015

Inspiring Moms :: Linda from Live Loud Girl

Inspiring Moms :: Linda from Live Loud Girl

In this month of May, we?ve handpicked a few of the inspiring moms in our lives that seem to have it all! Their passion, great fashion sense, lovely kids and make it look like a walk in the park while at it. Linda from Live Loud Girl?is one of the spunkiest mommas we know! We never fail to gasp when she posts anything and everything on Instagram (here)?so we knew we had to have her in our list of inspiring moms!


{hello! cutiepies!}

Your favorite moment in your child's life My kids are undoubtedly the cutest ones in the world. When they tell me something funny or put two arms around my neck in the evening, those are my favorite moments over and over again.

Biggest challenges in motherhood I am a business woman and a mom, or is it the other way around??Anyway, it is quite a challenge to be good at both, to combine both. I think many working moms can relate to that. Preferably I dedicate my time to work when the kids are at school and then be with them in the afternoons. ?Pay attention to the worth ?preferably? ;-)


What inspired your decision to start your business?!! What are you most proud of?!

Living in New York City really pushed my boundaries and inspired me to start my own business. The concept Live Loud Girl started with just a notebook and a name on arrival in Dubai. My first blog post was at the beginning of 2014 when I started to share my interior inspiration. And that somehow evolved into interior styling where I can make my ideas become reality. I am very proud of that I have managed to make my passion into my full time job.


Tips for new mums?! As if I know?!?But, what I have learned from my journey so far is to accept the type of mother that you are to save yourself a constant guilt trip.


{more inspiring rooms here on her blog}

What are top three key things in styling a child's room/nursery? Preferably I start with a completely white room. One key item would be a feature wall, either with a soft or a bold color, depending on the client and preferences. Secondly, I love bringing in a rug with texture and a print to make it cozy. Last but not least, if I come across a unique poster, vase or cushion, that will definitely be on my shopping list. Can never have enough of them. Originality is for me is highly important.


All I want for Mother's Day this year is... For me, birthdays are for gifts, dinner parties and being spoiled. The only thing I want to have for Mothers day is a drawing from my boys, a hug and being told that I am the best mom in the world. Hopefully they will mean it every year.


Thank you for sharing your sweet thoughts with us! And we'll definitely be channelling our inner "Linda" at our next room redecoration!!