30 July 2015

Loves :: Hay Shop from Denmark

Loves :: Hay Shop from Denmark

We are always appreciative when we spot good design in the playroom/kids department. I mean.. face it. kids and clutter come hand in hand. the sheer amount of things they own is staggering and that's not even considering the crazy colors and variety of textures.

Hay is an all time favorite. From their scandi sleek furniture to their vibrant textures. And now that we've dug deeper into their play and storage department for playroom solutions, we are more than sold! Here are some of our favorites!


Pieces and play -?Domino?for the design conscious!! Crushing on these Wooden Wonderland blocks too!

Le Petit Society _ Mommo Design

Their Dot Carpet made of thousands of hand rolled felt ball is also an adorable addition to any room!

In the fun lane

{from In the Fun Lane}

And of course their signature stacking boxes for little bits and bobs that lie around the house!

All available from Hayshop.dk. Shop away, loves!