19 May 2015

Loves :: Oskar & Ellen

Loves :: Oskar & Ellen

Anyone else walks around with a bag bursting with toys!? Anyone!? C'mon, I can't be the only one!?One of my favorite things to have with me is fabric toys! They don't weigh a tonne, doesn't clank and make too much noise on the move and always easy to throw into a netted bag and throw into the wash when dirty!!

I've had the same interactive book of transportation since my child was little and always get compliments and questions where I got it from (was a gift!).


So I was naturally very excited to share when I found Oskar & Ellen?, a Swedish-based brand and they super adorable and well made collection of fabric made books and toys.


Also loving their fabric sushi set! That would keep any child suitably entertained for the span of lunch!?And a darling little chef outfit to add to their dress up collection! Comes in pink and blue too!

Get shopping while the euros is low!