17 February 2015

Spotlight on ... Luli Sautarel

Spotlight on ... Luli Sautarel

We're rolling close to the end of our model series! And had a great time interviewing our little models!! Our last little model, Luli, is family to Le Petit Society. From the day she won our first ever baby search, we always find our ways back to Luli! We love that we can track her through our pictures!


Luli is everything this collection stands for! She's sugar and spice and everything darling sweet and nice! From her tumble of curls to her cute little voice, she has all of us wrapped around her little fingertips!! Luli is passionate about dogs, blakie, swimming and spontaneous bus rides with her mama!


Since this photoshoot, Luli and her family has moved away from Singapore, which we're still sulking about! But we still hope to see Luli again in our pictures in future!! Go spread your love, little one!!

Once again, thank you to the families of our little models, for bringing them down and blowing as many kisses and funny faces during the shoot! We love you all and owe the success of this collection to all of you!

Lots of kisses from the team,