28 September 2015

Tips for Picky Eaters at Meal time

Tips for Picky Eaters at Meal time

One of the topics discussed to death! But always perturbing when it happens to your own kid. Our kid has been a great eater since day one. Indiscriminatingly delightful at mealtime and would eat anything from brussels sprouts to cardboard. But as he gets more discerning with age, he started picking our bits of his dinner that he calls "veggies". So annoying and messy!!


We've tweaked meal time a little and brought it forward so he is served his hot meal the minute he is home from day care. And loads up on the good stuff before he gets picky! Also, by giving him smaller portions of "new" food to try. Its a little more effort but is paying off... for now!!


{pictures from Joie Khor}

Here are some tips on Cup of Jo on how to get picky kids to eat! Don't you love how they keep us on our toes all the time!?


By the way, these lovely pictures from Joie are not related to picky eating! But totally adorable pair of sisters and reminded us of a tip a fellow mother of two suggested! When they feed each other, though messy, is adorable and gives you a few minutes of peace. and the novelty of it works miracles!!

Love them both loads! Thanks for sharing, Joie.