28 February 2020

Why We Swaddle A Baby

Why We Swaddle A Baby

You've heard why we use GOTS certified cotton , difference between Organic Muslin and Bamboo cotton and why we designed our own Organic Muslin Swaddles. Also how proud we are that our Organic Swaddles won Harper's BAZAAR Junior award the year we launched it. 

1. Soothing and Calming

Swaddling is the basic method to soothe your crying baby or lull them to sleep. It creates an easy and clear sign post that its time to pipe down, paired with other soothing techniques (eg. white noise, shushing, movement, pacifier) to build upon. The gentle pressure on the baby through a good swaddle also provides a reassuring touch that keeps them in deep rest for a longer time. 

2. Reduce SIDS

One of the most important results of swaddling is the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrom (SIDS). Swaddling makes it hard for newborns to cover their heads and faces with bedding which they are then unable to dexterously remove. It also reduces the chance of them flipping over to their stomachs. Swaddles can be used from birth and should be done on firm surfaces free of other cot decoration, toys and fabric. 

3. Calm Moro Reflex

Moro Reflex is very common and is a sign that your baby is developing their nervous system healthily. While it is harmless, the startle reflex does jolt a baby awake when they're in restful state and swaddling is one of the most effective means you can use to sooth them and calm them after they startle themselves. 

4. Keep Warm

One of the key factors in a longer rest time is maintaining a comfortable temperature for your newborn. Without the ability to tell you how they feel, a swaddle acts as a constant blanket tucked firmly around their body to keep them warm. However, it is important to keep in mind that they should not be overheated. Living in the tropics has led us understand that it is possible to overheat a baby. Heavier swaddles that are popular in temperate climates may not be the solution here. For ezcema prone babies with sensitive skin, it is also important to stay cool so Le Petit Society's Organic Muslin Swaddle's ultra thin but absorbent fabric is the solution to raising babies in the tropics. 

5. Happy Baby, Happy Life

In the popular baby book, Happiest Baby On The Block, Dr Harvey Karp explains how a baby goes through their 4th trimester in their infancy. In using a swaddle, you recreates the snug packaging inside the womb and is the cornerstone of calming. Swaddled babies respond faster to the other soothing methods because their arms cannot wriggle about. As a result, they're calmer babies and develop their own reflexes to self sooth as they grow. You know what they say! Happy Baby, happier everyone!

Now that you're convinced you need to swaddle your baby, share it with someone who needs this advice! It is not hard or expensive to swaddle. Learn a simple way of How to Swaddle a Baby

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