20 December 2022

Le Petit Society Photoshoot Package FAQs

Le Petit Society Photoshoot Package FAQs

Our CNY2023 Studio Set is open for booking! If you came from our previous post, here are some frequently asked questions and things to take note before your shoot:


Q: Where is the studio located at?
A: The studio is located in our office warehouse space at: 128 Joo Seng Road #06-02. There will be a guide to bring you to the studio space located inside the unit.


Q: Where can I book the studio for my family?
A: Use the link here to book a slot for your family. When booking your slot, remember to use the same email as the one used to create the order. 


Q: How many people can join the shoot?
A: We only have 2 types of sessions: 45 min shoot for up to 8 people and 90 min shoot for up to 16 people. Please note that the pace of the photoshoot will increase proportionately based on the number of people in the shoot; a shoot that includes more people will require more time.

The sessions are fixed and we are unable to customise it to the exact number of people who will be coming. E.g. If you have 6 people coming, you should select the 45 min slot / If you have 10 people coming, you should select the 90 min slot.


Q: If a family member is unable to come, what should I do?
A: If something unfortunately has cropped up and it is still 48 hours before the booking appointment or due to unforeseen circumstances and your whole family is unable to make it on the booking day, please drop us an email at : [email protected]

In the rare event that you would have to cancel your booking please do take note of the cancellation fees below. 

Q: Is there a changing room?
A: We have 2 changing rooms in the studio that you can use.


Q: Will hair and makeup be provided?
A: We do not offer hair and makeup services. If you wish to, make sure to do your hair and makeup before arriving. We have mirrors in the studio for light touch-ups if required.


Q: Can I bring my own photographer?
A: Nope! Our studio package includes a photographer who will take and edit all photos.


Q: How many images will I receive?
A: All good photos (minimally 40 to 50 photos per 45 min duration, 80-100 photos per 90 min duration) will be edited and sent over.


Q: When will I receive the photos?
A: Our photographer will require 1 to 2 weeks from the date of shoot to process and edit the photos. Once it is ready, we will send it to your via email. We will be providing only the high-res digital images.

Please note that we will be light editing the images to apply our signature look to them (as per all our images on our website/social media). If you wish to edit people into the frame or manipulate any physical features, we will be unable to do that.


Q: Can I bring my pets?
A: Unfortunately, we don't allow pets at the shoot.


Q: Any other things to take note of?
A: Make sure you select the time slot that best suits your family and your kid's sleeping schedules to get the best out of your 45/90 mins shoot as well as to reduce the chance of having to reschedule your shoot. Please be on time or slightly early to the shoot as we will strictly follow your scheduled time slot.

You can bring small snacks, but no food and sweet drinks are allowed in the studio. Please do clean up after the use of the studio to keep the studio in good condition for the next family!


Q: What if I cancel 48hrs before my booking slot? Will I get a full refund?  
A: As the booking slots are very limited and there is a cost involved in booking the photographer including payment processing fees, we have to impose a cancellation fee to cover the costs of administration. The cancellation fee for 45min session is $100 whilst the 90min session is $200. So you will thus get a refund less of the cancellation fee depending on the package selected. We would thus try our best to reschedule the shoot as best as our availability allows if you let us know as early as you can.  Unfortunately for really last minute cancellations (less than 48hrs notice) we would unfortunately have to impose a cancellation fee of 50% of package selected as another family would have missed having the available slot.


We can't wait to see how you guys style your families this Chinese New Year!


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